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My name is Eveline van Acquoij. When I was six, we lived next to a small supermarket and I was often sent to run a small errand. My dad always let me keep the change, so I became very smart in finding the cheapest possible product. I scanned all shelves to be able to fill my piggy bank. You can probably imagine how happy I was when I finally could buy my own wooden store with checkout. This fascination with shops and people shopping only became stronger when I got older. After studying econometrics, I specialized in analysing the effectiveness of various marketing instruments.

However, I kept wondering what kind of human behaviour leads to these effects. Therefore, I started studying psychology as well. Combined with more than 20 years of in market experience, I now know (almost) everything about how and why people buy something. And, if I lack knowledge in this field, I know how to research it.


For years, I have been a client with different agencies, and try to deliver now to you what I missed back then: real insights and concrete implementation plans instead of charts that no one understands. I am smart, to-the-point, and always fun to work with!

Want to know more? Please give me a call (0031-6-23397727) or send an email.