Marketing Mix modelling
I optimized a retailer’s marketing spend using marketing mix modelling.

The presentation to the CEO immediately led to budget decisions.

These were monitored and finetuned quarterly during 1,5 years.

Store specific shelf plans

Using a statistical (cluster)analysis I divided all stores into groups with different selling patterns.

Each group got its own shelf plan.

After a test, sales increased drastically and the new shelf plans were implemented in all stores.

Usage / Purchase / Attitudes
For a manufacturer with a limited research budget, I developed a smart consumer and shopper research.

This study led to retailer specific strategies and tactics based on buying groups.

A year later, we repeated the study and added another category.

Category vision and plan

For a manufacturer I conducted a smart consumer and shopper research in different countries in Europe and the USA.

Combined with desk research I created a concrete plan per country/channel/customer.

A.o. this led to various additional listing and turnover increase.